plane paper is a Florida-based company that was founded in the Fall of 2011. plane paper is a play on words, referencing a card's origin from a single plane of paper, from which it is transformed and manipulated into something that is anything but plain. The cards truly stand out by utilizing the negative process of subtracting and cutting paper away, as opposed to the additive process of printing with ink. 

All of our stationery and paper products are laser-cut. Laser-cutting is an advanced technology that uses a directed, high-power laser beam to cut a computer-specified pattern. Each of our designs are drawn by hand, input into the computer, and then translated by the laser-cutter to create our cards. Aesthetically, the result is reminiscent of the ancient paper cutting art form and yet the technology allows for intricate patterns to be cut the ease, speed, and perfection. Paper cutting is a beautiful technique that allows for layering of paper and color to create interactive cards with depth. Some browning may occur due to the inherent process of laser-cutting. However, our goal is to always achieve as minimal burn as possible and deliver a cleanly-cut card. 

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have! hello [at] plane [dash] paper [dot] com.